Fredddie and RobRob Penn is an author, journalist, TV presenter and cyclist. He’s ridden a bicycle most days of his adult life, in over fifty countries on five continents. In his late-twenties, he cycled round the world.

In September 2013, he cycled part of the Trans-Amazonian Highway with Freddie Flintoff, to make a documentary series for Sky TV (‘Briliant telly’ – The Times).

His latest venture with the ex-England cricket captain, Lord of the Fries is broadcast on Sky 1 in February and March 2015

His last book, the bestselling It’s All About the Bike: the Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels (‘Gem of a book’ – Economist) is published by Penguin Press in the UK. The book has been translated into thirteen languages.

In 2012, Rob presented Tales from the Wild Wood, a six-part series for BBC4 about British Woodlands.

Rob is currently writing The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees, the story of man’s relationship with the ash tree, to be published by Penguin in October 2015. Rob is patron of the Small Woods Association and Media Associate at the Sylva Foundation.

As a journalist, Robert writes for the The Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, FT, Independent on Sunday and Conde Nast Traveller, as well as a host of cycling publications.